5 Things to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home.

5 Things to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home

So you’ve done it! Congratulations on your new home! Now what to do? Before you move all of your furniture into your new home, there are a few things you should do in order to reach maximum potential with your home.

1)     Check your appliances: If you can get into your home a couple days early, check out all the appliances such as: washers, dryers, central vac etc… to make sure everything is running in tip top order! If something is not running properly, get in touch with your lawyer and realtor to fix the problem quickly.

2)      Deep clean your home: Cleaning your windows, baseboards and floors will never be easier than before all the furniture is in. Give your home a good clean before you move in and it will look just like new.

3)      Install your window treatments: While it’s impossible to install all the window treatments in one night, make sure to get the most important and biggest windows covered. You can always tic tac sheets over some of the windows in the meantime.

4)      Make the beds: Everyone is going to be tired after a long day of moving, so set up the beds right away so you can enjoy a relaxing snooze.

5)      Meet the neighbors: Take time out of your busy day to meet a few of your neighbors. Go for a stroll with your puppy and meet some of the people on your street. The sooner you meet the neighbors, the faster it will feel like home.

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