All in a Box: Packing Up & Moving.

You are moving! Congratulations on your new home! But before you move, you’ll have to pack up your precious belongings and hopefully do so as stress-free as possible. Packing up your house takes work – here are some handy tips to help you out:

  • Divide and conquer:  Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took time. The same can be said about packing up your home. Plan out your packing strategy and tackle it in chunks. You’ll stay organized and focused.
  • Gather all required packing supplies: This includes sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, felt tip markers. As you pack up your house, remember to label your boxes so you know what’s where.  
  • Say no to bulk: You, or someone you trust, will have to pick up and move everything you are packing. Keep boxes as light as possible – it’s ok to use more than less boxes. And hint: use pillowcases to wrap up portraits. They work great.
  • Group room by room: Prevent a headache – pack your house up room by room. The last thing you want to do is rummage through all of your boxes just to find one small item (once you get to your new home). Keep things organized – will keep things easy for you.
  • Pack a suitcase or box for each member of your family: The aim here is to make personal items easily accessible during the first few days in your new home.
  • Final checks: Before you leave your house, check every room to make sure you’ve grabbed everything.
  • Once you get to your new home, designate one room for all boxes: This will keep things organized and safe for you. You don’t want to trip over boxes as you move furniture and other big items into your house.

Moving into a new house is an exciting period – don’t let packing up your house weigh you down. Build a plan and stick to it and you’ll get through it. Good luck! If you have any questions or need help with your moving plans, call or email us at anytime.

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  1. Pack one room at a time. Focus on one room at a time and make sure that items from the same room are boxed together. Not only will unpacking be more organized as a result, but you’ll experience a palpable sense of completion with each room you check off the list.

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