All in a Price.

Ottawa real estate has reached an exciting period. The market is healthy, viable and homes are selling. With that, though, comes the question: How do I best price my house so that I sell it, while maximizing its true value?

A few important points to consider:

  • Marketing 101: Analyze who is buying and selling in your market. What’s your competition? Who are the buyers? Why are these buyers shopping and what is their budget range? The idea here is to figure out what your buyer is looking for and to determine what your competitive edge is.
  • Get a second opinion: Seek out professional advice or an expert second opinion. Feel free to call us at anytime for a second perspective on the price you are thinking of setting. It’s our pleasure to help you price your home.
  • Know what your home is worth: This includes getting an appraisal and comparing your home to others on the market.
  • Be strategic: If you are noticing dips in pricing around your neighbourhood, strategically reset the price to offer a more attractive one. You’ll have a competitive edge without the air of desperation that others might be facing.
  • Evaluate timing: If you want the best price and you are seeing fluctuations in offers, consider holding off for a few weeks. The downside here is of course putting a hold on your plans, but you might give yourself the opportunity to find the best and right buyer for your home.

Selling a home involves a lot of planning – let PREMIER help you experience a stress-free home selling experience.

Call or email us at any time. It will be a pleasure to be of assistance.


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