Bright & Functional: All in a Light.

Good lighting in a home is important. It sets the tone while also helping you perform a task with comfort and ease.

Choosing the right lighting involves more than just going to a store and buying bulbs.  Here are a few things to consider when enhancing the lighting in your home.

  • Determine lighting goals: Every room should have its own mood, and the lighting you choose will have to be functional. Ask yourself what your vision is for each room.
  • Don’t forget the outside: Choose good lighting for the exterior of your house so that you can provide safety and security when walking alongside the parameters of your home.  
  • Use multiple light sources for one space: In your kitchen, add pot lights to the ceiling and consider under counter lights for optimal task lighting. What you’ll be doing is adding dimension not to mention flooding your space with additional lighting sources (brightening up your space).
  • Know your dimensions: If for example, you are considering a chandelier for a formal eating space, measure the total distance from the floor to the ceiling. This will help you select the right light figure without having to realize (after you’ve installed it) that it doesn’t work for your space.

Overall, don’t be overwhelmed when looking for good lighting options. All it takes is a good plan and a good vision to help you enhance your space and make it feel open and inviting.

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