Decorating and Design on a Budget.

Decorating and Design on a Budget

From time to time, we all want to spruce up our homes, but we don’t necessarily want to pay a whole month’s salary to do so. Here are a few of the best tips to make your home look alive and new again:

1)      Paint: Painting a room is the classic way to completely change a room around. Instead of repainting the whole room, try painting one focal wall to draw the eye to a central room feature.

2)      Take down all your paintings and other art and move them around to different walls or different rooms. Putting the paintings in a different room can completely change the perspective of the artwork.

3)      Change your bathroom accessories: Changing your bathroom accessories is the simplest way to re decorate your bathroom. Stores like Ikea and Home Outfitters have cute accessories for a decent price.

4)      Rearrange your furniture: Rearranging the furniture can completely open up the room and provide a different environment, all while using the same furniture you already have!

5)      Shop in second hand stores: Vintage items create a unique room and they’re also usually the cheapest to buy. Thrift stores, consignment shops, online auction sites, and estate sales offer a wide array of discount decorating.

Make sure to get your friends and families perspective on items that could be rearranged in your home. They may have valuable insights that you may have overlooked.

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