Decorating Tips for the Christmas Season.

Decorating Tips for the Christmas Season!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. From the stockings to the tree, decorating the house for Christmas has become a tradition for many families across the world. Here are a few decorating tips to make your house stylish and spirited this holiday season!

Candy Cane Centerpiece: Turn your dining room table into Santa’s workshop by filling a glass bowl with candy canes, peppermint balls and marshmallows. Great for snacking and very festive!

Chandelier Lighting: Accentuate beautiful light fixtures with shimmering snowflake decorations or Christmas tree ornament balls. Finish it off with Christmas ribbon for a final touch.

Window Ornaments: Fill clear glass vases with similar colour themed ornament balls and place in front of the window. Unique and extremely simple!

Popping Christmas Tree: Add an unexpected “pop” of colour to your traditional Christmas tree this year. Try blue, white and light pink for a surprising twist.

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