First impressions are everything!

Remember what first attracted you to your home when you bought it? What excited you most about it? When deciding how to best present your home for sale, it is helpful to try and get back into that buyer’s frame of mind.


A spruced up house makes a great first impression on potential buyers. An attractive property grabs their attention and makes them excited about finding a house that looks and feels well cared for. Because buyers believe they’ll encounter fewer problems if they buy it, your house becomes more appealing and stands out from the competition. So if you prepare your home correctly, you’ll save time selling it when it’s on the market.


At PREMIER, we have a team of professional stagers that will help you decide what needs to be done to bring your home to the level that will wow buyers as they view it. We also have a number of lists to help you prioritize the work that needs to be done before getting the home on the market.


With simple improvements throughout your house, you can grab the attention of potential buyers and help them see why your house is right for them.


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