Free Things To Do In YOUR Ottawa.

Free Things to Do In YOUR Ottawa

Ottawa is known for its beauty and various tourist attractions, but did you know that many of these attractions can be done for free! If you’re looking for something to do today with your family or friends, check out the list below for some FREE ideas:

Park without paying: Parking is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays at the World Exchange Plaza. Perfect for shopping and great for exploring downtown. Just a short walk from Parliament and right in the core of downtown, there’s no better place to park on weekends!

Visit the Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of Canada offers free tours by law students throughout the week and weekend. Make sure to visit to become further educated in the Canadian judicial system and maybe even sit in on an appeal case.

Go for a walk down the Rideau Canal: Ottawa boasts the beautiful Rideau Canal and some truly beautiful scenery. Take advantage of it by going for a walk, run, or roller blade.

Take in one of the various summer festivals: Throughout the summer and fall, Ottawa has various festivals ranging from food to flowers. Most of the festivals offer free admission so take advantage and absorb some of the culture of Ottawa.

Get historical: Ottawa is home to quite a few museums. From the Canadian War Museum to the Museum of Nature, there’s something for everyone’s interests.  Don’t forget! Most museums are free on Thursdays between 5-8.

Tour Parliament: Last, but not least, tour the Parliament of Canada! Even if you’re born in Ottawa, you probably haven’t done a full tour of Parliament in years! If you’re new to the city, it is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture of Ottawa. Free tours are offered daily.

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