How to Prepare Your Home for Sale.

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Selling your home can become a much easier task with the right real estate team (ahem, Premier), and by following a few simple steps to prepare your home for buyers. Follow these tips for an easier sale:

De-personalize: While those precious family photos make a home, they can also make it difficult for a buyer to see themselves living in that home. Pack up those pictures and family heirlooms so that potential buyers can see their own photos on the wall and imagine their lives in your old home.

De-clutter: If you find yourself not using a certain item in over a year and see no need for it in the future, consider throwing it out or donating it to charity. By de-cluttering your home before potential buyers visit, it creates a more open space and makes the room look bigger.

Make repairs: Patch up those nail holes in the walls, fix the leaky faucet and replace cracked tiles. These repairs don’t take a lot of time or money, but can make a considerable difference on how your house is viewed.

Clean: No one wants to purchase a house that has a dirty tub and streaky windows! Make sure to give your house a thorough cleaning before putting it up on the market. Pay special attention to the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms. Also, make sure to put down new rugs if necessary and hang up fresh towels.  

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