Improve Your Home-Selling Ability.

First impressions can make the difference between a sale or no sale. Keeping things simple can give you a leg up on similar properties.

Here’s our take to help make the home selling process much simpler and easier.

Maintain neutrality:

Use neutral colours to keep your house really clean and crisp. Check out our recent blog article on what you can do to neutralize the appeal of your home.

Less is more:

Having less furniture in a space makes the house or room space appear bigger. Move some furniture around and if you can, move it out of your home. Putting it in your basement or garage will only make it appear as though your place is cluttered.

The new home smell:

Prepare your home by neutralizing odours. Be mindful of what you’ll cook on the day of a showing. Keep garbage bins empty and routinely clean out your fridge. Have a pet? Keep an eye on that litter box and freshen it up regularly.

Pay attention to the details:

You might not have time for big renovations, but invest time and money in updating items like light switches and outlet covers, cabinetry handles, etc.

Maximize curb appeal:

Keep the outside clean. Manicure your lawns and keep the path to your front door clear.

Put away collections:

Your collections are memorable and important to you, but keeping too many items out will be distracting for the potential homebuyer. Keep your space tidy and neat.

Take care of repairs:

If you have something to fix before a showing make sure you prioritize to get the work done.

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