Let It Snow!

With winter right around the corner, snow, slush and cold temperatures will be a daily occurrence. We all dread the drive into work or the drive home when there has been a heavy snow fall or freezing rain.  If you are selling your home during the winter, here are some tips to make your home more appealing to buyers in this snowy weather:

Entry Way:

Place a boot tray or mat in your front entry way with enough room for a few spare pairs of snowy boots. Conscientious buyers and showing agents will always remove their footwear when touring your home, but it’s nice to contain any potential mess at the front door!

Shoveling & Salt:

Be sure to regularly shovel and salt your driveway and walkways to all doors of your home, especially if the home you’re selling will be vacant at the time! It’s easy to let the ice pile up at a vacant property – but slipping and falling in the driveway is a bad first impression for potential buyers, no matter how nice your home may be on the inside! If your home is vacant, or if you’ll be out of town for any length of time, consider hiring a snow removal service or neighbourhood teen to look after your driveway.



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