loveOttawa: Our New Exclusive Partner.

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with loveOttawa.

The loveOttawa project is designed to build upon the positive and progressive nature of our city and to put the spotlight on people, businesses, cultural events and initiatives that are doing great things.

In essence, loveOttawa captures Ottawa’s spirit to celebrate the incredible talent in our city. With so many hidden gems and thriving local businesses, loveOttawa portrays Ottawa’s essence in a very real and compelling way.

Exclusive partnership

Working in partnership with loveOttawa means that we can tap into the city’s pulse at any time. And this is exciting because we are committed to making our client’s local community experience a truly enriching one.

Whether you are new to Ottawa or looking to buy a second or third home, PREMIER will guide you to learning so much more about this great city we call home.

Be sure to bookmark our blog and follow us on Twitter. We will be bringing you the latest from loveOttawa as captivating new articles are posted.

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Until next Friday – have a great week.

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