Putting the Walk Score to Work For You

If you’re looking at buying a home, you may want to consider the Walk Score of the property. Walk Score is an independent organization that measures the “walkability” of any address in North America to tell you how easy it is to perform daily errands on foot, on public transit, or by bicycle.

Walk Score accomplishes this by analyzing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities, using information from Google,, Open Street Map, locations added by the Walk Score community, and more. The higher the Walk Score, the easier it will be to walk to amenities in a short time (the Walk Score ideal is a 5 minute walk).

Even if you drive, the Walk Score could be an important asset to your home search. If you have teenagers, children, or a spouse that does not work outside of the home, proximity to amenities on foot and by bicycle could go a long way toward making your new home a comfortable place to live for your whole family.

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