The Art of Staging.

Ah, home staging: the art of getting a home ready for purchase. But, let’s be clear. It’s not just about tiding up.

Rather, it’s about optimizing the look and feel of your home to swiftly sell it – and for more money!

As a seller, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does your audience care about when it comes time to buying a home?
  2. What do people want to see?
  3. What are they going to feel when they see my house?

A recent study by Procter and Gamble (P&G) showed that the most important characteristics of a homebuyer are:

  • Location (69%)
  • Curb appeal (12%)
  • Homey feel (10%)
  • Size (9%)

The study also discovered the most important factors for the buyer’s first impressions of a home’s interior were:

  • Cleanliness, clutter and odor (35%)
  • Décor (21%)
  • Lighting (16%)
  • Floor plan (15%)
  • Rooms (13%)

When selling your home, it is so important to stage it. The goal is to make a home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers.

Here’s a sample of our most trusted staging tips:

  • Declutter your home – put away toys, magazines, books, mail, shoes.
  • Neutralize odors – light a candle.
  • Put away personal memorabilia – your memories are important to you, but, personal items are distracting to others when they are trying to visualize the home as “their space”.
  • Paint and remove wall paper – this is important because it will help people see past your existing décor and will allow them to visualize how they can decorate the space once they move in.

Contact us at PREMIER to help you get your home ready for a viewing. It will be our pleasure to share more detailed staging tips with you.

If you’re thinking of staging that might mean you are thinking of buying.

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