Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

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There’s still some summer left! We’re about to enjoy some hot, sunny weather here in Ottawa and that means that it’s the perfect time to break out the BBQ and have a party! Here are 10 tips for a stress-free summer party.


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

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1. Save time on bartending – make cocktails ahead of time!

Making batch cocktails ahead of time in pitchers or beverage dispensers allows you to save time on bartending – so you can spend more time with your guests! Here are some great recipes for easy summer cocktails that can be made in batches, from Real Simple.


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From Honey and Birch:


2. Make antipasto skewers for appetizers

These easy, appealing appetizers can be made ahead of time, refrigerated, and served cold! Get the recipe here, or experiment with your own combinations!


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From BonAppetit:


3. Corn on the cob for a crowd? Use a cooler!

If you have a crowd to feed, you can make corn on the cob in a cooler! Just put the shucked ears in a (clean) cooler, pour two kettles full of boiling water over top, and close the lid. 30 minutes later, you’ll have perfectly cooked corn!


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From Ideas In Food:

4. Skewer small vegetables for easy grilling

If you aren’t keen on grill baskets for small vegetables like asparagus, try skewering them for easy flipping!


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From Martha Stewart:

5. Make paper bag lanterns

Fun, colourful lanterns can be made from nothing but paper bags, ribbon, and a string of outdoor Christmas lights! Learn how here:


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

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6. Make sliceable popsicles in a loaf pan

No popsicle moulds? No problem! Just line a loaf pan with plastic wrap to prevent sticking, and pour your popsicle mix in! Covering the loaf pan with plastic wrap makes sure that your popsicle sticks stay up. Get the recipe for these strawberry-watermelon yogurt pops here!


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From BuzzFeed:

7. Play a creative yard game

Giant Jenga? Lawn dominoes? Water balloon dodge ball? Keep kids and adults of all ages entertained by playing one of these fun outdoor games!



Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From Peach Canyon Wines:

8. Quickly chill wine with water and salt!

Forget to put the wine in the fridge? Chill wine in 20 minutes with nothing more than a bucket, water, ice, and salt!


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

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9. Try a backyard movie night

A backyard movie night can be so simple, but so fun! Bring out picnic blankets, pillows, and cushions, and make a lot of popcorn! A white bedsheet can act as a projector screen, and there are many projectors that can be hooked up to a laptop.


Top 10 Simple Summer Party Ideas

From Uncommon Designs:


10. Keep decor simple!

Your guests are there to see you, not your decorating skills! Take a cue from this simple backyard party from Uncommon Designs – a table runner, some flowers in wine bottles, and strings of lights are all that’s needed to create an easy atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

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