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2023’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Posted by premierottawa on June 19, 2023

Interior design trends are often a reflection of the times. Last year, interiors were all about calming spaces and soothing frayed nerves. This year, it’s about expressing our individuality and caring for the planet. 2023’s hottest interior design trends focus on living greener and curating a look that’s all your own. Here are nine ways to bring the best of these new décor trends into your home.


1.      Floor to Ceiling Colour

A fresh coat of paint in the right colour can pull your finishes together, create a particular mood or just brighten the room. It’s also a great way to experiment with trends without making a lifelong commitment. Especially when it comes to one of 2023’s hottest interior design trends, the monochrome room. This popular look involves painting the ceiling and trim in the same colour as the walls.


Also called “Colour drenching” this technique can make a room feel bigger by eliminating choppy lines that break up the space. Choose deep, rich shades to create a cozy, moody atmosphere that you just can’t get with white ceilings and trim. Or opt for light, bright hues to open up the room and make it feel like the ceiling is soaring.


2.      Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainability isn’t just for businesses anymore. We should aim to employ greener practices in all areas of our life – including our homes. Choosing natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, and stone is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as chemicals in your home. When you can’t go all-natural, look for furniture made with recycled and repurposed materials. And aim to decorate vegan by avoiding animal by-products like fur, down and leather in your home.


3.      Adding Colour to All-White Interiors

White has been the top pick for wall colours and interiors for a few years now. And while white is not going anywhere, it’s time to liven up those stark interiors with some pops of colour. Think a bright blue ottoman in the living room or boldly coloured island in the kitchen. A few hits of happy colour are just white those crisp, clean interiors are calling for this spring.


4.      Curves in the Kitchen

It’s no secret that curves are in. Arched doorways, curved couches and rounded buffets are everywhere. In 2023, the curve trend is taking over another room – the kitchen! Pill-shaped islands and rounded counters are the next places in your home where you should cut corners. It’s a softer look to balance out the sharp edges and hard lines that are so popular in modern interiors. If you’re not ready for a reno to bring the look into your home, try swapping out your kitchen chairs or barstools in favour of those with a rounded back. Or replace boxy light fixtures with something with smooth curves instead.


5.      Functional Accessories

Minimalism isn’t dead, but it is adapting to create a balance between clutter-free homes and spaces with beautiful décor. A minimal home doesn’t have to be devoid of shapes, colours and personality. With a bit of creativity, functional items can also double as décor. Look for beautiful bowls or trays, sculptural vases, ornamental lamps, and fabulous accent chairs to create style and character without adding clutter.


6.      Earth Tones are Back

Last decade, grey was the go-to neutral. Then we shifted to white-on-white, then white and black. Now after all those cool neutrals, the world is ready to warm things up. Most paint companies chose a warm earthy hue for their colour of the year in 2023. Top shades include warm beige, terracotta, rich green, dark red and deep plum. If these saturated colours seem a bit much for your walls, try bringing them in in smaller doses. Easy to change items like blankets, throw pillows and area rugs are the perfect way to introduce colour trends.


7.      One-of-A-Kind Décor

It’s time to forgo mass-produced furnishings that result in all your friends having the same living room. Current interior design trends favour unique pieces that tell a story about who you are. Whether it’s upcycled furniture, family heirlooms, hand-crafted or thrifted finds, look for items that express your personal style. You may have to work a bit harder to find the perfect piece, but you also won’t have to replace your furniture in a few years because it’s out of date. Try painting or refinishing an old dresser or side table. Or update the fabric and turn a vintage chair into a custom piece that’s full of character.


8.      Wall Murals

A statement wall never really goes out of style. But this year, we’re taking wallpaper to the next level with gorgeous floor to ceiling murals. Nature scenes, florals and chinoiserie are among some of the most popular motifs, but if you can imagine it, you can have it on a mural. Including custom murals made with your own images! If you’re looking to make a big impact with an easy update, a wall mural is one of 2023 hottest design trends you won’t want to miss.


9.      Back to Basics Bedding

Less is more when it comes to our sleeping quarters in 2023. It’s time to pack up those picture-perfect beds with layers of pillows and throws in favour of a more user-friendly look. A bed that’s both luxurious and ready to crawl into is where it’s at this year. Aim for easy and effortless by opting for blankets in lush textures and limit throw pillows to one lumbar or a pair of smaller pillows.


If you’re looking for a way to step up your décor this spring, why not try one (or a few) of 2023’s hottest interior design trends?

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