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Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Posted by premierottawa on November 24, 2022


Are you wondering if you should sell your home over the holidays? If you’re ready to make a move but are holding off until spring, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait! There are buyers out there searching for the right home, and your house may be just what they’re looking for! With the right team and a bit of preparation, you can sell a home at any time of the year. Read on for our best tips for selling your home during the holidays.


Can You Sell a Home During the Holidays?

It may not seem like the ideal time with everything else going on, but there are actually some advantages to selling your home during the holidays. Buyers who are house shopping over the holidays are extra motivated. They likely have deadlines and are ready to make a purchase. You also face less competition over the holiday season, since many people are being cautious and waiting until Spring. And you also get to take advantage of the wonders of the season by adding a little extra sparkle to your listing photos. 


Start with Great Photos

If you want to bring potential buyers to your home during the holidays you can’t cut any corners. With so many things competing for our time and attention during the busy season, stunning real estate photos are a must! Take the time to thoroughly clean and declutter so your home looks its best. 


You should also hire a professional home stager and real estate photographer to ensure you are showcasing your home in the best possible light.  When working with a Premier Realtor®, we can help stage and photograph your home so you can focus on all the other things you have to do at this time of year. 


Step Up Your Curb Appeal When Selling During the Holidays

Winter weather can definitely make it harder to show off your home’s best exterior features. Especially during the holidays when everyone else is decorating their house too. Make sure you pay attention to all the little details that will make your home more appealing to buyers. Ensure all exterior lights are bright and in good repair. Consider adding additional outdoor lighting if necessary. When the days are short, it means almost everyone is viewing your home in the dark. 


Keep driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice at all times for both safety and accessibility. And don’t forget the sidewalk in front of your house! Clear snow from hedges, fences and other landscaping features so they stand out. And if all your gardens are buried under snow, bring in some seasonal planters to add texture and colour. 


Choose Warm and Cozy Seasonal Decor

It’s no secret that our homes look fabulous when they’re all decked out for the holidays. And as an added bonus, your whole neighbourhood will look its best too! So, take advantage of the season and add that extra sparkle to your home. But it’s important to choose tasteful, non-denominational décor to avoid alienating any potential buyers. Extra touches like wreaths, garland, cozy throws and fuzzy pillows will make your home feel cozy and inviting.


Go ahead and decorate the mantle but skip the tree as it takes up a lot of floor space and may distract from the features of the home. Leave the oversized or themed items packed away for next year and opt for more natural décor instead. Things you can forage for such as birch branches, evergreen boughs, pinecones and dried berries will add just the right seasonal touch to your home. 


Warm It Up

A cold house is a definite turn-off in the winter. Make buyers marvel at how cozy your home is by keeping it warm during showings. Set the thermostat a few degrees warmer than normal to fight the chill when people step inside. If you have a fireplace, have it lit for showings and photos. Or set the TV to the fireplace channel to add that warm glow we all love during the holiday season. 


Find the Right Team for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Having the right team to help you through the process of selling your home during the holidays can make all the difference between a successful sale and a stressful one. You want to ensure you won’t be left in the cold if an offer should come in over the break. 


Our team of Ottawa real estate agents will be there to help you through your sale from listing to closing and everything in between. You’ll also need a mortgage broker, lawyer and insurance agent to assist along the way. If you don’t already have trusted sources, we can also refer some great professionals to assist you in these areas.


If you’re thinking about selling your home during the holidays, contact us today to get started! 

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