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Eight Great Tips to Give Your Real Estate Listing an Advantage

Posted by premierottawa on March 22, 2024


In a tough market, you need to do everything you can to help your home stand out from the competition. And that starts with your real estate listing! When all the pieces come together, a good listing can highlight the best features of your home and bring in more potential buyers. Here are eight great tips to give your real estate listing an advantage.


1.      Always Use Professional Photos

There’s really no better way to showcase your home than with professional photos. An experienced real estate photographer knows how to make each space look as good as possible. Cell phone photos are often dark and show only a limited view. Poor quality photos won’t encourage buyers to look further.


2.   Cut the Clutter

Clutter is the quickest way to ruin your listing photos. Clutter makes a home look smaller, crowded, and as though it lacks storage. Clutter can also obscure the great features of your home and leave potential buyers focusing on all your stuff instead of the great house you’re trying to sell.


3.   Add Extras to Make Your Listing Stand Out

Give potential buyers as much to look at as possible! The more info they can get from your listing, the more likely you are to have well-matched buyers show up for viewings. Floor plans, videos and virtual tours give buyers the chance to really see how the home flows and functions.


4.   Give Your Listing an Advantage with Home Staging

Staging your home is an excellent way to make your listing stand out from the other homes for sale in Ottawa. Home staging highlights your home’s best features and helps minimize the less attractive ones. Not only will this help potential buyers picture themselves living there, it will also ensure your home appeals to the widest possible audience.


5.   Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

If a potential buyer likes what they see in the photos, they’ll look for more info in the listing description. This is your chance to really highlight the great things about your home. Especially things that may not be obvious in the photos like a new furnace, recent updates or items still under warranty. You can also take the opportunity to mention any great things about the location like walking distance to shops, a great school zone, or close to public transit.


6.   Repair Visible Damage

If people can see any sort of damage in the listing photos, they’ll think your home is in poor repair and probably won’t look any further. Take the time to make visible repairs and necessary upgrades before listing your home. The cost of the repairs is almost always less than the amount you will lose from having to lower the price when the home won’t sell.


7.   Spread the Word

We have so many ways to share information at our disposal. Be sure to harness the power of social media and networking to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Once your listing is active, share it on all your networks and ask your friends to do the same. This is another area where extras like video and virtual tours come in handy. Sharing these types of media will generate more interest than just a link.


8.   Work with an Experienced Ottawa Realtor for the Best Advantage

When it comes to making your real estate listing stand out, hiring experienced professionals can really make a difference. As mentioned above, a professional photographer and home stager will help your home and listing exceed expectations. Our Realtors® know what buyers are looking for and can help your listing attract the people who are really interested in your home. Contact us today to discuss how we can give your home and real estate listing an advantage over the competition!


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