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10 Things Not to Do When Selling Your Home

Posted by premierottawa on March 14, 2024


Selling your home is a big undertaking. It can be time consuming, emotionally taxing and exhausting. With so many things on your moving checklist, knowing what not to do can save you a lot of stress and headaches. Here are our top ten things not to do when selling your home to help you stay on track.


1.      Not Planning Ahead

There’s a lot more to selling your home than just calling your agent and getting a listing online. From cleaning and repairs, to packing and staging there is weeks (or sometimes even months!) of work that has to happen before you can even think about photos and showings. All too often sellers think they can have their home ready in a weekend or two and end up stressed and exhausted with way too much to do. Give yourself a reasonable schedule so you can get it all done without overloading yourself.


2.      Overpricing Your Home

Of course you want to make as much profit as possible when selling your home. But pricing your home too high for the neighbourhood or target buyer can prevent it from selling. You’re much better off starting at a fair market value and creating interest in your home, rather than lowering the price later. A price drop often makes buyers wary that something is wrong with the property and can reduce interest further. At Premier, we will perform a market analysis and provide you with correct pricing and a sound strategy for selling your home.


3.      Leaving Repairs for the Next Owners

Major repairs like a leaky roof, broken HVAC, or bad wiring will cause buyers to offer less than asking, or to avoid your home altogether. Any major repairs that are functional and not cosmetic should be taken care of before you list the home. Don’t worry so much about new cabinets and countertops but be sure to fix the small things like leaky faucets, loose handles and sticking doors. These small maintenance items are often noticed in showings and will cause concerns that the house is in disrepair.


4.      Failing to Clean and Declutter

A dirty, cluttered home is one of the biggest turnoffs for potential buyers. Clutter makes a home feel small, crowded, like it lacks storage. A dirty home looks older and poorly maintained. Clean surfaces look better in pictures and let buyers really see your home.


5.      Not Having Fabulous Professional Photos

People shop for homes online. Even if they see a home for sale while out and about, they’ll still go online to look at photos before deciding if they want to see it in person. Which means your listing photos have to really sell your home. Cell phone photos won’t attract buyers and can actually make your home seem smaller and darker. We know a high-quality listing is a must, and that’s why all our listings include professional photos.


6.      Forgetting About Curb Appeal

If your home isn’t appealing from the outside, no one is going to want to see the inside. Don’t focus all your energy on getting the inside ready and forget about how important curb appeal is. Ensure the front of your home is gleaming with clean windows, bright lights and fresh paint on the doors and trim. Keep your property looking it’s best by mowing and raking the lawn, weeding gardens, and putting toys, lawn ornaments and gardening tools away. Add seasonal plants and flowers to brighten your front porch and make your home feel even more inviting.


7.      Not Being Flexible with Buyers

Selling your home can take up a lot of time and eat into your already busy schedule. But it’s important to accommodate showings, even if they come at an inconvenient time. Even if you’re in a rush, always clean and tidy the house before every visit. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it when the right buyer falls in love with your home!


8.      Don’t Showcase Your Personality when Selling Your Home

Potential buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your home. Make it as easy for them as possible by packing up personal items and creating a hotel-like environment. Remove all personal photos, religious memorabilia, travel souvenirs, and collections and try to tone down any bold style choices. You want the best features of your house to stand out, not the stuff in it.


9.      Skipping Home Staging

You might think your home looks great as it is. But home staging is designed to make your home look its very best while appealing to the widest possible audience. A home stager understands what potential buyers are looking for and will evaluate your home and property with an unbiased opinion. By taking the time to properly prepare and stage your home, you’ll avoid turning away potential buyers and help your home stand out from the competition.


10.  Trying to Do it All Alone

A great team makes everything easier. There is so much to do and take care of when selling a home, it can be overwhelming to try and do it all alone. Working with a skilled home stager, professional photographer, trustworthy mortgage broker, and a knowledgeable Realtor® lets you focus on your busy life while they handle all the details.


Our experienced Ottawa real estate agents know what not to do when selling your home. Contact us today so we can help you put together the right team and find the right buyer for your home.

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