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Our Best Tips for Selling a Home When You Have Pets

Posted by premierottawa on September 8, 2022

Moving is a big job under any circumstances. But when you add pets into the mix, things can get even more complicated. From staging to showings to moving day there’s a lot to consider when you are moving with pets. But our team of Ottawa Realtors® has seen it all and we’ve put together our top six tips for selling a home when you have pets. 


Spot the Damage

We know you love your furry family members and can’t imagine how anyone might find them a turn-off. But not everyone is an animal lover. And even the most well-behaved animals tend to leave a lot of damages around the house. If you’re selling a home with pets, you’ll want to address these issues to avoid turning off potential buyers.


Before you list, carefully inspect your home for signs of pet-related damages. Some common issues include stained carpets, scuffed floors, ripped screens, and chewed doors, frames and baseboards. It’s important to properly repair or replace all of these damages to get the most value for your home. 


Get the Smell Out

Scent is one of the first things buyers notice when they enter a home. Studies show that people will focus on determining what a smell is rather than admiring all the great features of your home. And an unpleasant odor can often deter someone from buying a home altogether. 


Many pet owners don’t even notice a smell in their home, but those who don’t own an animal will pick up on it right away. To avoid any lingering odors, wash floors, steam clean carpets, remove area rugs, and launder bedding and blankets. If you have furniture that your pet likes to sleep on, it may be best to store it elsewhere for the duration of the sale. 


Stop Pet Allergies

A sparkling clean house is a must when selling and showing your home. But if you have pets, you must also ensure your home is completely hair and dander free. Pet allergies are extremely common and even though your pets will be moving with you, any traces that are left behind can make someone with allergies miserable. 


Take the time to vacuum out-of-the-way areas that might otherwise be forgotten. Pet hair can accumulate under large furniture and appliances, in vents, behind doors, and along baseboards. Pay special attention to rooms where pets like to sleep and play. 


Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Unless you have an indoor-only pet, the outside of your home probably needs a little special attention to remove any signs of pet damage. Dogs and cats can be tough on lawns, gardens and even outdoor structures if they like to scratch or chew. 


Keep your yard clean and pack up toys, dishes, stick collections, and of course pet waste.  If your pet likes to dig, fill holes and spread grass seed a few weeks prior to listing. A lush lawn is always good for curb appeal. You should also prune or remove any plants that have been eaten or trampled to make gardens look their best. 


Staging a Home with Pets

When it comes time to stage and prepare your home for real estate photos, it’s best to remove all traces of your pet. Ideally, potential buyers will have no idea you own pets from viewing the listing photos. Ensure all toys, pet beds, food dishes and especially litter boxes are out of the house for the photos. 


Showing a Home when You Have Pets

If possible, you may want to have your pets stay elsewhere for the duration of the time your home is on the market. This makes it easy to keep their things out of sight and reduces stress on both you and your pet. Of course, this may not be feasible in a cool market where homes are selling slowly. 


If your pet is staying in your home while it’s listed, be sure to keep up with the cleaning between showings. This will save a lot of time and work when a viewing occurs. Have a plan so you can remove your pet and their things from the home quickly and easily. Keep in mind that you may have to leave several times a day, or for a few hours at a time. And don’t forget to plan for bad weather. You don’t want to have to spend an hour at the dog park in a downpour!

Selling a home when you have pets may require a bit more work, but don’t let that stop you from listing your home! Our team of Ottawa real estate agents know all the tips for selling a home with pets and we can guide you through the process. Contact us today to find out more.

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